Continually more stringent water quality requirements demand improved  wastewater treatment techniques to protect our water resources.   Welch Comer Engineers utilizes state of the art technology and classic solutions to provide our clients with cost effective wastewater systems.

Wastewater systems can be challenging to design, construct and permit. Welch Comer Engineers experience with planning and designing wastewater systems and our reputation and relationship with regulatory agencies allows our staff to efficiently design and permit wastewater projects. Welch Comer Engineers wastewater designs include sewer collection lines, lift stations, and small wastewater treatment systems, such as recirculating gravel filter systems, to award winning membrane bio-reactors that produce Class A wastewater suitable for human contact.

Representative Projects

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Farragut Slip Lining (Electrical Conduit For Lift Station)
Carlin Bay: Wastewater Treatment System Improvements
Kootenai School Wastewater Treatment Improvements