Prairie Avenue: Meyer to Huetter

Welch Comer was selected by LHTAC and Post Falls Highway District to complete the design of Prairie Avenue, Meyer to Huetter, which widened the roadway from two to five lanes and added curb, drainage facilities, sidewalk, and bike lanes. On this project, traffic control was important during construction as Prairie Avenue carries 11,000 vehicles per day. Underground utility coordination was challenging as a shallow high pressure Avista gas main and substandard water district waterline were within the project. The design accommodated the gas line and a financial hardship was approved to allow the waterline reconstruction to be paid with federal funds. Additionally, the project included two traffic signals and accommodated an old school house that is listed on the National Register for Historic Places.

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Constructuion Cost:
$2.8 million 

Completion Year:

Prairie Avenue (Meyer to Huetter)
Prairie School required special design considerations and construction measures.
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