Front Avenue Reconstruction

Welch Comer Engineers, Miller Stauffer Architects, and BWA collaborated to form Team McEuen and were selected by the City of Coeur d'Alene to develop a Master Plan for the development of McEuen Field. Welch Comer's role included reconstruction of Front Avenue and signal/roadway modifications on several side streets and Sherman Avenue. Additionally we assessed underground utility impacts and coordinated with private utilities on relocations and needs assessments to serve the park. We analyzed the most cost effective routes to serve the park from the existing infrastructure and designed a storm water reuse facility that stores runoff from the splash pad and irrigates the park with this water. Phasing and mass grading plans were developed that allowed excavated material from the parking garage to be utilized as fill in the new City Hall parking lot. This saved the city significant material and haul costs.


Our Services

Project Stats

Construction Cost:
$17 million (Includes All 2013 McEuen Park Construction) 

Completion Year:
2013 and 2014 

Front Avenue at 5th Street.
Traffic calming was incorporated into Front Avenue.
The near-by McEuen Park.