SH3 Bridges

In November of 2013 the Idaho Transportation District asked us to provide detailed topographic and right of the way survey of two SH3 bridges (one over the St Joe River and one over the St. Maries River railroad) in St. Maries by the end of January. We had 45 days to complete a detailed topographic and boundary survey in the middle of winter in North Idaho. Our crew commenced work immediately and finished in less than 45 days under less than optimal weather.In addition to the detailed topographic surveys of each bridge, the survey was 35 acres in size and consisted of 2300 feet of highway survey. During the course of the right of way survey we reviewed over 70 deeds, 30 surveys, 8 sets of highway plans, 4 sets of railroad plans and numerous other miscellaneous maps. Many of the existing deeds were from the 1900s and were never surveyed. All of the map and deed information was reviewed and compiled to create the detailed 5 page record of survey.

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Project Timeline:
Less than 45 days

Completion Year:

We were committed to meeting ITD's tight schedule on this survey throughout December and January.
Surveying the icy St. Joe River.
Surveying the St. Maries Railroad bridge.