Granite Reeder

Over a 12 year project, Welch Comer provided design surveys, and construction staking surveys for the over one square mile sewer project. Throughout the course of this project we witnessed the evolution of modern GPS surveying equipment and utilized this new technology successfully. GPS allowed out survey crew the unprecedented ability to reach across distances and  and lines of site that would that would have previously been unobtainable or cost prohibitive. The GPS was the backbone of the project which consisted of 10+ main control GPS control points, 100+ conventional control points and countless found monuments. The construction portion of the project contained over 15 miles of gravity sewer and pressure sewer lines along with a 60 acre sewage lagoon.

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Project Timeline:
12 year period 

Welch Comer staked 15 miles of pressure and gravity sewer pipe for construction.
Welch Comer used GPS to stake the lagoons - without GPS, much of the surveying would have been cost prohibitive.
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