Lionhead Boat Launch Ramp, Docks, and Shoreline Wall

Welch Comer assisted Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation on upgrades to the boat launch at Lionhead Campground within the Priest Lake State Park.  Because Priest Lake is critical habitat for bull trout, permitting was a crucial step in the project development.  The project reconstructed the ramp with pre-cast planks below water and a concrete slab above water, replaced the dock, added a bulkhead and gangway, and constructed a shoreline wall that acts as a breakwater jetty.  Construction was completed in summer 2015.  

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Project Stats

The project included ADA accessible gangways that provide access to the new docks.
The shoreline wall acts as a breakwater jetty to protect launch users from lake wave action and reduces sand migration onto the launch.
This solar-powered LED light was added to a pile to aid in navigation at night.