River Ridge Redevelopment Master Plan

Welch Comer developed the River Ridge Redevelopment Master Plan for the City of Potlatch for 210 acres that was once a Potlatch Corporation saw mill. The project also included public facilitation, presentations, wetland delineation, soils investigation, and flood plain determination. 

Funding for the project planning came from the Potlatch Corporation, USDA- RBEG funds and the City of Potlatch. The implementation strategy prepared by Welch Comer recommends a mixed-use site re-development, combining residential, commercial and recreational land use. The plan provides a five stage implementation strategy, with detailed estimates of infrastructure development. 

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Inland Northwest Partners gave the plan the Community Partners Award in 2011.  

The Potlatch River Ridge Master Plan combines residential, commercial, and recreational use.
Renderings helped the public and future developers understand how the entrance to the site might look.
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