Hawthorne Avenue Funding Strategy

Welch Comer helped the City of Colville with a Strategic Funding Plan for the Hawthorne Avenue reconstruction between US395 and Miner. Hawthorne Avenue is an urban collector with an ADT of 3,100 vehicles per day. This roadway serves seven churches, three schools, a City park, a golf course, and a large residential area and is, therefore, a very important roadway within Colville. 

The funding strategy included public outreach, development of typical sections, conceptual plans, implementation phasing, project estimates, and a funding/grant application schedule. 

Since the completion of the Strategic Funding Plan, the City has been able to use WSDOT STPR funds for Phase 1 (construction 2015), has a TIB grant for Phase 2 (construction in 2016), and landed Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) funds for the separated path. 

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Project Stats

Phase 1 Funding (2015):

Phase 2 Funding (2016):
TIB Grant  

The strategic funding plan separated the project into phases and then identified methods and timelines to fund each phase.
Renderings, like this one at helped the public and funding agencies to understand the improvements.
Rectangular rapid flashing beacons for the crossings near the schools were funded through the TAP program.